This year we got a huge Christmas tree! Normally we have a 6ft fake tree so you can imagine our tree this year was looking a little sparse with ornaments. So for a cheap way to dress up our tree I made these really simple glitter pine cone ornaments.

All I did is took some spray adhesive, sprayed it all around the pine cone and in the cracks and then sprinkled glitter over it. To hang them on the tree, I put a dot of hot glue in the top of the pine cone and then looped some fishing line in the glue. I held it until dry.

I have another holiday project I’m working on to show you tomorrow :)


9 responses to “ALL THAT GLITTERS

  1. Girl, you are good ! I love these ! Of course, I love just about anything glittery, but these are so fab !

    Come on over and link up to my Ornament Party today and show off your creativity !

    Ms. Kate

  2. as always, another job well done [ugh]. i may start referring to you as my tweaker friend kelly

  3. These are lovely! So is your tree. I want to sit in your living room for the rest of the month, please.

  4. so simple, but yet soooo pretty! I collected tons of pine cones last month and have done nothing with them. hmmmm

  5. hannah.thompson

    can’t wait to see them in person!

  6. These are so fun! Great job getting resourceful :).

  7. Spray adhesive + glitter = super smart and awesomeness

  8. These look great! I did some like these last year. I just love what pine cones do for a Christmas tree!

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