FASHION | friday : high school style

“We need to find a preppy girl!” I heard this recently when I took pictures of fashionable students at Ironwood Ridge High School. The purpose of the shoot was to represent the different fashion styles of their student body in this year’s yearbook. High school trends definitely have changed since I went to high school! The thing that hasn’t changed though is the variety of styles!

A couple of observations I made:

Skinny jeans rule
Flannels/plaids cross all style groups
Preppy has not died
Side part still reigns
Men’s clothing is form-fitting
Goal is effortlessly cool

I graduated in 2001 and was definitely preppy – Gap, Abercrombie, American Eagle were my top stores. Now  I would probably be more trendy/casual. So which one of these styles fit you in high school??









2 responses to “FASHION | friday : high school style

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  2. I believe I am Edgy, in an Indie sort of way….

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