HELVETICA | lover or hater?

So I watched the movie Helvetica last night and for those interested at all in typography I recommend it! I didn’t realize this before but there are 2 strong design camps on this topic – those who use Helvetica for literally EVERYTHING and those who DESPISE it. One guy even wanted to thank Helvetica in his wedding program!

My opinion on Helvetica and every other typeface is that there should be a reason behind it using it. I fall into the group of designers who uses fonts to compliment and express my design. I think the typeface is as big of a design decision as the other design elements on the page. So do I use Helvetica? Yes if it is appropriate to my design!

So are you a lover or hater of Helvetica? Or are you like me who sees it as just another great typeface in a sea of other great typefaces?

p.s. Do you like this poster I designed? It’s a quote from the movie. Obviously Helvetica is appropiate in this case ;)


2 responses to “HELVETICA | lover or hater?

  1. Hahaha, I’m so glad you watched Helvetica! Isn’t it fascinating. I ADORE this poster. We need to print it HUGE and put it up in the office. Love the silhouettes of the bottles and how they look like skyline with just the subtle suggestion of those windows. Great color combo, too. :)

  2. this old helvetica vs arial site has been around forever – still fun to play


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