Yay – today is our 2nd wedding anniversary! I’ve made it thru 2 years of marriage! success! haha It really seems like yesterday that we got married! Here’s a shot from our reception:


So last year around this time I had a little idea to make our anniversaries more memorable. I bought a pretty journal and decided that every year we would take turns writing in it about what we had done that anniversary to celebrate. Not just what we had done – but how we were feeling and thinking. I also got one that closed so I could tuck anniversary keepsakes in it such as movie tickets, notes, etc. It’s pretty empty right now!


Dustin planned what we did last year (stay at JW Marriott and massages) and then I wrote about the experience in the journal. I just read it today and I can’t believe all the things I forgot about! I even forgot that the day of our anniversary I didn’t answer the door when flowers were delivered because I was in my pajamas… oops! Eventually I figured out the flowers went to a neighbor’s house to hold – needless to say I felt kinda bad when I took them back! Anyway, my hope is that after years of marriage we will have a nice little keepsake filled with memories!

This year I surprised Dustin with Packers tickets! Should be some good memories! I can’t wait to see what Dustin writes!





  1. Love, Love, Love this idea. We just celebrated our 10 year – congrats on your 2nd! I do have a scrapbook that is just one photo of us each year. It is fun to look back at how we have changed each year. Just think of how fun it will be to read back through your journal in 50 years!

  2. What an awesome idea! I already forgot what we did for our first anniversary..ha.

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