FASHION | friday : high school fashion show!


Oh man, I was never this cool in high school! I shot this Fashion Show at Ironwood Ridge High School recently and it was definitely one of the most fun events I have taken photos at. Umm are you sure these kids are in High School?? They had so much confidence and attitude – they looked awesome! The clothes were from stores like Dillards, Loop, and Charlotte Russe. The danceteam performed, there were great giveaways, and there was even a VIP section!

What do you think of some of the pics I got??













10 responses to “FASHION | friday : high school fashion show!

  1. You didn’t have that much confidence in high school, but I STILL don’t have that much confidence. Those students should teach classes on being awesome and having self-confidence.

    Very fun!

  2. I can’t believe this was at a high school. I want to join the cool kids club there. Beautiful photos.

  3. vanessa bigelow

    I was in this show! the best thing i have done! i cant wait till the next one. the pic. are so great!

  4. These came out sooo well! Great job! You totally captured the fun of that night

  5. Kel! I love the one of the couple both in black…and the light is shining in the background..sooo good!

  6. wow these pictures turned out awesome! one of these photos is of me and i would love to get it somehow! is there any way i can?

  7. abigail mcwaters

    kelly! these are AMAZING!
    like really though…you’re a professional.

  8. My picture is the last one in the black dress! :) it was a lot if fun and your pictures are awesome!

  9. Hi Kelly!

    I’m Jordyn Coty. I am the head of the fashion club and helped Ms. San Jule run the fashion show. I have a cd of the pictures but they’re not working, and i really need like 50 pictures by tomorrow for an interview on Sunday. Is there any way you could e-mail them to me???

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