WORLD USABILITY DAY | poster design

As you may have noticed, I never get to share work projects because they are all confidential. So I am really happy I get to show something I did for work! Every year we host activities for World Usability Day. This year’s theme is Designing For A Sustainable World.

This year we are hosting activities for 30 school-age girls who are interested in design. The activities are also open to the public. We do things like design a cell phone for yourself, redesign the recycle logo, and design an avatar in a virtual world.

I designed this poster for this year’s events. What do you think?



9 responses to “WORLD USABILITY DAY | poster design

  1. Love the colors, love the style, love the whole thing! Certainly a fresh look for IBM! Well done!

  2. I really like the entire feel of it. really cool!

  3. Love it. The greenery is my favorite. I love the sketchy look and feel of it.

  4. Oh wow, this is great. I love the texture of the background and how it look handwritten and drawn. Can’t wait to see it printed.

  5. I love it! The greenery is my favorite as well. It has a very earthy feel and the green just pulls everything together.
    P.S. I want your job!

  6. i love the circle logo with the free flowing hand drawn greenery. Really cute.

    Just something to play around with… it would be nice to see a different type treatment on “World usability day, November 12th 2009”. That would make the center logo really stand out! just something to play around with. I really love the look at feel. so fun.

  7. That’s my birthday:) I just found your website about 4 hours ago and I haven’t gotten off yet lol. I love everything about it. Your amazing

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