Over the weekend, my husband Dustin and I (and our doggie of course) decided to go camping down on Lake Patagonia. It was so nice to get away from technology for awhile and just spend some quality time together.  On the way back we drove up to Wilcox to pick some apples at an apple orchard and had the best apple pie ever!  Here’s some pictures from our weekend.

What did you do over the weekend?











5 responses to “APPLES, CAMPFIRES, and SMORES

  1. You guys are so great. Sounds like an excellent time. I’ve lived here all my life and never gone apple-picking in Willcox… and my Dad’s even from there.

    Love the vintage-y feel of the pics.

  2. I love seeing personal photo posts like this one.
    Your dog is adorable. Beautiful bokeh!

  3. hannah.thompson

    ahhh can’t wait to come visit you guys!!

  4. abigail mcwaters

    weekend getaway!!!!
    love the pictures!
    and tallulah :)

  5. Tallulah is so cute! Love the pics – they look so magical. The one with your hubby on the bridge is incredible. We were there a few weeks ago for pumpkins, but we picked some apples – Roma Beauties and Granny Smiths. I was going to make a pie or something but we ended up eating all of them raw!

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