FASHION | friday : jensen sisters!


Ooo it was so much fun to do a photoshoot with these sisters! Jenna is on the left and Sarah is on the right. I previously featured Jenna’s thrift finds on my blog for fashion friday. How photogenic are these two? I could photograph them all day! Plus their style is so fun! I love that they incorporate family heirlooms into their outfits!


Jenna’s outfit:

Dress: Kohls $19.99
Boots: Charlotte Russe $24.98
Tights: Betsy Johnson at Metro Park $12.00
Earrings: Target $3
Belt: $11.99 TJ Maxx
Black ring: $1.99 Blake Brothers


Sarah’s Outfit:

Romper: Hawks at Urban Outfitters $78
Boots: Hand-me-down from Aunt
Belt: Buffalo Exchange $7
Rings: Hand-me-down from Great Grandma











12 responses to “FASHION | friday : jensen sisters!

  1. Wow, these pictures are incredible! Love the boots. My favorite pictures are the first and the last. Of course, all of them are amazing.

  2. Kelly, I had so much fun this day! I don’t think it’s possible not to be embarassed when looking at the photos, but oh well. You’re fantastic. Can’t wait to see the second installment!

  3. Ditto to everything Jenna just said. Still so much fun. I love the graffiti wall pictures. The colors are awesome and even it black and white it’s great!
    What a blast this day was.

  4. The pictures turned out great! I like them all! I really like 5 and 6, and of couse the graffiti ones the color in them looks great.

  5. oh my gosh. you guys are freakin HOT!! im serious, you should both be models. Jenna, your hair is amazing!! Sarah, did you get extensions or did you hair just grow really fast? if so…i hate you! ;-) Kel, once again: AMAZING!!!! :)

  6. yay graffiti! :) great job kelly!!! love ’em, they’re fab!

    jenna- you sexy girl, you sexy!! (i was singing that to you… i think it’s from a rap song?!?!) oh, i love the hair-do!

  7. I love that you used our graffiti wall :)

    Such a prime find.

  8. These turned out sooo amazingly!! Great job Kelly! Jenna and Sarah you look awesome, which is to be expected, but still these are so cool. :)

  9. MorgaN KirkpatricK

    these photos are rockin. did you take them down on the avenues? Sarah im diggin the “romper” and the belt, lookin good

  10. This are awesome you three! Must be the water…

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