WEDDING | susie + paul


Ahh! Sorry I haven’t posted in a couple days! I have been editing photos like a crazy woman. I have a lot to show you coming up!

Anyway, look how cute this couple is. This was my first second shooting experience… and well my first experience shooting a wedding for that matter. I second shot this with the awesome Travis Williams. Travis wanted me to focus on details… yay I love wedding details! What do you think?  Man shooting weddings are hard and hectic! Here’s props to all those wedding photographers out there!













6 responses to “WEDDING | susie + paul

  1. Kellyyyyy. I can’t even explain how much I love your style of photography. I feel like I’ve never seen it anywhere before. You’re wonderful, these pictures are wonderful, and I thank you for updating and keeping me happy :)

  2. Kelly…you did a superb job! You have a knack for all things creative and I can’t wait to see all the possibilities that are in store for you. Color me a bit envious…(in the best possible way, of course!)

    Love your stuff. :)

  3. These pictures are so good, you did great on the detail!

  4. hannah.thompson

    outstanding once again!

  5. Hi Kelly,
    You are so super talented! I love checking in on your blog once in a while….it’s so inspiring :)
    I LOVE the wedding shots; if I wasn’t married already, I’d totally have you shoot my wedding!

  6. These are fantastic! :D excellent job!

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