FASHION | friday : wedding fashion inspiration


I’ve been looking at wedding fashion photography lately because I have a wedding fashion photoshoot tomorrow! ahhhh I’m nervous and excited all at the same time! If anyone has any advice out there, please pass it along! I’m really new to this so I need your support!

Here’s some beautiful photos I found. If my photos are a fourth of what these are, I will be happy!












4 responses to “FASHION | friday : wedding fashion inspiration

  1. What a coincidence – yesterday someone gave me a link to a video in which Jeff Ascough, a world-famous wedding photograph, gives advice on shooting weddings.

    Let me know if it helped. ;-)

  2. Umm..Kel…I’m prrrobly getting marries sometime in the spring and maaay need a good photographer so…good luck on your shoot and I hope you learn some really great things…for my sake and yours!! haha ;-) But seriously…Im sure you do will great, you always do! I can’t wait to see your pics of Jenna and Sarah too!!

    • Brittany! You are getting married in the spring!?? YAY! omg that makes me soo excited. If you want engagement pics too, I would LOVE to do it! And I can always design your save the dates and invites ;)! I miss you!!

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