FALL | centerpiece

DPP_0001On Tuesday I posted a little fall inspiration for you and it inspired me to make my own fall centerpiece. What do you think?

I bought the flowers and pumpkin at Michael’s and found the half wreath at Goodwill for $2.99 (I added the embellishments). I like the idea of craft pumpkins because they are fairly easily to carve out of and they don’t go rotten. This makes me want to make the rest of my house festive for fall!

Here are some detailed shots:





9 responses to “FALL | centerpiece

  1. So beautiful, Kelly!

  2. Kelly. Why are you not doing things like this for a livng?

  3. this is random, but i went to school with hannah and my brothers (adam & nick abbott) went to school with you… saw your blog through hannah’s pics of her son.

    love your style, creative eye and sassy flair. my husband & i are photographers in florida and between your cute fashion sense, great pics & amazing decor ideas, i’ve come to love your blog! :)

    • thanks for the kind words Misty! I’m so glad you commented – I love to hear who is reading and what they do! I checked out your photography – awesome work! keep it up!

  4. hannah.thompson

    love it kelly! I’m still working on my table…thanks for the inspiration!

  5. wow! you are talented!!!

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