FASHION | friday : my fall wish list


1) Leather Jacket
2) Ruffle blouse
3) Statement Scarf
4) Chunky necklace
5) Plaid dress
6) Saddlebag  (looks more expensive than $40!)
7) Floral skirt (psst.. only $18!)
8) Studded clutch
9) Sequined vest
10) Ankle boots

This is what’s on my wish list this season. I think these items could instantly update my waredrobe. To find out more about each item, click on the image or here. What’s on your fall wish list??


3 responses to “FASHION | friday : my fall wish list

  1. I love fall fashion!

    I found some ankle boots but have yet to wear them because they’re so ridiculously tall. I’m probably six feet when I wear them. But I love them… I’ll just have to get over my stupid tallness issues and wear them soon.

  2. I’m going to buy that floral skirt. I don’t care if it falls apart after one wear, it’s totally worth it.

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