FASHION | friday : I made a skirt!

pose2Yeah, that’s right I made this skirt. Yes its a mess and sorta unattractive but I made it. haha So therefore I am still proud. I found this fabric at Hancock for $2.11 and was just gonna make a scarf but then a whim came over me to attempt to make my first skirt. I was tricky since I was trying to measure on myself and didn’t have a pattern. Man I sure do have a new appreciation for Project Runway contestants! (fav show btw) Anyway, what do you think? A little scary huh?



Tiers of Skirt:


Zipper (with issues haha):


Finished Skirt:



5 responses to “FASHION | friday : I made a skirt!

  1. Very nice! Love that you designed it yourself and created it without a pattern – the true renegade that you are! And fabulous pictures of you – your personality is ALL OVER them! :-)

  2. You’re my hero.

  3. I like it! I made one once in like high school out of black camouflage that was a mess but I loved it. Yours totally tops mine though :)

  4. love.

  5. Um, wow! Love the ruffles! That’s a very impressive skirt!

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