becca + roland = BECLAND!


These are my very good friends Becca and Roland also now known as Becland! haha They are going to hate me but hopefully these pictures will make it up to them. This post is a continuation of VIEW | from the top. How cute are they? They are also a lot of fun… They do things like catch crawfish, take two-stepping lessons, and go rock-climbing. I took a lot of Becca just because she is so beautiful – don’t you just love her hair? These pictures make me smile – I hope they do the same for you!







becca and roland 183blog









13 responses to “becca + roland = BECLAND!

  1. as always, great shots kelly! i love the first one… i am sucker for anything grunge or decaying. :) and yes, she has amazing hair!!

  2. awww, Kelly, Becca looks so beautiful … I love these pictures – each captures a mood – it’s almost like they don’t know you are there!

  3. HAHA Becland, you’re too funny! Who new Marana could be so fun. I didn’t know I had a twin. Your amazing! !

  4. Kelly, You are amazing! So enjoyed looking through the photos again and again. Wonder what you will tackle next.

  5. one word…cuuuuute!!

  6. Really cute photos! Love the locations!

  7. Kelly. You really have no idea how good you are at this, do you? I can’t even put into words how impressed I am and how gorgeous these photos are!

  8. So so cute, I love these! My fav is the mirror image of Becca (no offense Roland). They both look great and its amazing how you can use a location to your advantage like that!

  9. AMAZING pictures, Kelly! Becca is so pretty. Love the shots under the blue beams. But my absolute favorites are the last two. You really captured their love for each other.

  10. myheartresonateswithaglorioussound

    great pictures! and Becca does have amazing hair and eyes! and super cute dresses

    these pictures definitely made me smile today :-)

  11. at this rate I suspect I’ll be out of a job before too long.. or maybe I’ll always have someone who might let me second shoot for them !

    wunnerful set !

  12. What a fun shoot and the perfect models.

  13. abigail mcwaters

    THEY LOOK SO CUTE! ahhh love.

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