INSPIRING | studio spaces

studio1Ooo I am envious of all these studio spaces… I definitely need to re-do my workspace. Right now we have a bedroom that we have made into an office but it’s a hodgepodge of stuff and not at all inspiring. Plus I have a giant futon in there that I must do something with. Over the next couple months, I would like to make it into somewhere I WANT to work in.

Here’s my current office (boring and blah):

House 001House 002

I want something light, airy, and colorful like the following spaces. Hopefully when I’m done it will look a little closer to these. Favorites?


Looove this one:


Stay tuned for my office transformation!


6 responses to “INSPIRING | studio spaces

  1. I just love any look that has clean walls with bright punches of color all over (lamps, rugs, chairs, etc). I have a couple catalogs with some great ideas, too. Remind me to lend them to you.

  2. Also, I want that flowery chair in the last picture. So bad. Do you know where it’s from??

  3. I love that chair too. And I think my favorite of these pictures is the second one with the green chair and yellow curtains

  4. I’m with Monique – I love the green and yellow one, too. Love these office pictures and can’t wait to see what you do with your space! :)

  5. Great inspiration! But it doesn’t matter what you do; just make that space YOUR OWN! Sell the futon and don’t worry about where guests (who may or may not come) will stay! Life is too short not to have a space to create in! :-)

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