SUPER CUTE | dorm room

dorm6You gotta see my sister Abby’s adorable dorm room! She’s a senior at Hillcrest Academy this year and I think hands-down she wins the cutest dorm room prize. haha Remember that couch makeover my Mom did? Well here it is again. There are some really great ideas here so read on…


When I was in college, my roommate and I made this mosaic coffee table… my dad created the base and then we crushed up tiles and designed the top. It was a really fun project! I want to do another one for patio furniture.


My mom made this necklace holder for my sister by spray painting a tree branch orange. Then she screwed it to a block base.


I love this idea for dorm art. My sister found these old albums at a couple thrift stores and hung them together to make a larger art piece. Cool huh?


Cool fabric choices.


I love how my sister draped the fabric behind her makeup table… soo pretty! That mirror is a antique that was spray-painted white.

Here are a couple detailed shots:


How funny is that stuffed animal my mom made? She got the idea from Ugly Dolls. This one is suited for Abby :).

Here’s one more shot… Was your dorm room this cute??



11 responses to “SUPER CUTE | dorm room

  1. haha i love the ugly doll! I was waiting to see how the room turned out and it looks soo good!

  2. :) love you kelly

  3. Hi Kelly thanks for stopping by. I love that couch makeover!…my 15 yr old would like a place for her friends to sit in her room-I’ll have to keep my out for a good used one. Can’t wait to see what you do with that antiquing medium!

  4. Abby, The room looks GREAT! Kelly, I need to point out a technical error you made in describing how the orange branch is secured to it’s base….1) a hole was drilled in the center of the base, 2) the branch was placed into the hole, 3) Wood putty was mixed and poured into the hole around the branch and left to solidify thereby securing it to the base….No screws were used!! ….. I had to clarify the process!!!

  5. Wow! That’s a super cool dorm room.

  6. wow! i’m gonna have to apologize to my daughter now. i certainly didn’t put that much thought or effort into her dorm room. that is fabulous!

  7. What a cool room, your sis is a lucky girl! I especially love the jewelry holder and the album art.

  8. I’m jealous! My dorm room was SO pathetic.

  9. I think the room is so cute, but I have to admit that I almost shuddered when I saw the “wide shot.” It reminded me of how small my own dorm room was! How in the world did I share a space that small with another person?!

  10. No, my dorm was certainly not that cool. But, I did nab a really saweeet red shag rug from a friend when she moved out. I really loved that rug but I’m sure it was unsanitary. It came out of her grandma’s basement. lol…. my husband vetoed bringing it to our house. =( So, I just buy other old things now and bring them home. But, I call them antiques to get them in the door.

    (PS – I lurve the branch painted. So clever.)

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