HAND-PAINTED | wall flowers

amber baby shower 144

Remember those baby shower invitations I did? Well the same friend, Amber wanted some fun flowers painted on the walls in her little girl’s baby room. I was happy to help! If you look close you can see the flower matches the flowers in the fabric she has for her bedding. Here’s a peek into how I did it.

I started in Illustrator by drawing the flower she wanted:


Then I printed it on a transparency:


I used an the transparency with an overhead to project the flower onto the wall:

amber baby shower 134

The paint we used was a high gloss white to make the flower stand out more on the wall. It almost looks shimmery.

amber baby shower 138

I ended up painting 3 flowers. Here are the after shots:

amber baby shower 145amber baby shower 146

I think the curves of the flowers contrast nicely with the strips on the adjacent wall. What do you think?

amber baby shower 144


15 responses to “HAND-PAINTED | wall flowers

  1. These turned out AMAZING! I love them!

  2. I LOVE the way this turned out, Kelly. And it was really cool watching the whole process unfold. What a great gift for Felicity to enjoy for many years!

  3. ooooh go girl. I can’t wait to shoot in that room ! that’s our plan… to start the maternity session in the room !

    GREAT BEHIND THE SCENES PHOTOS – I’m such a sucker for those !


  4. wow! what a great idea with the projector!

  5. It looks great! Good job! You rock!

  6. WHAT! You paint on someone else’s wall before you paint on your one and only nephews wall??!Williams bedroom better be next…but we should figure something else out besides flowers…

  7. Wow, the flowers turned out great! I love how they look next to those stripes. And they perfectly match the bedding. SO CUTE.

  8. I have heard thats how some artist paint!!!
    Thanks for the post!

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  10. Great idea and great work!
    I invite you to see my wall decal’s collection:
    Best regards from Buenos Aires., Argentina

  11. THIS IS GREAT! Is there any way I can get the image file?


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