FIELDS | of summer

sisters 535blogSummer is about over so here’s some pictures to bring you a little nostalgia. I took these pictures of my sister Hannah about a month ago when I was home in Minnesota. It is a continuation of STRAWBERRY | sun. I love her hair in these! And you can’t beat the scenery.

I wanna hear your thoughts… Favorites?

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8 responses to “FIELDS | of summer

  1. pretty fantastic…. you got some SERIOUS talent girl.. super fun to see it way RAW and early on. Good things ahead for you.. !

  2. love ’em Kelly! great job!!!!

  3. I can’t pick a favorite I like them all!!

  4. I love the 5th one – she has such a pretty smile in that one! :-) I also like number 3 – her hair sort of tangling in the corn – cool! Your backgrounds are amazing! Where are these?

  5. Kelly these are beautiful! I love them all but mostly the first one, the colors are just amazing :)

  6. SO pretty. My favorites are 2 and 10. You take such wonderful pictures and your sister is beautiful.

  7. I don’t think I can pick a favorite, either… I love them ALL.

    Also, your sister’s hair is absolutely fantastic.

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