FASHION | friday : little lime dress

LittleLimeDressI designed this logo for a new online personal styling service called Little Lime Dress. They wanted the logo to be fun, flirty, and bold. I think this also looks great as a thumbnail. What do you guys think?

Little Lime Dress offers free accounts to receive weekly style tips, special fashion offers, etc. They just launched the beta version of their website. You can also follow them on twitter. Here’s their mission statement:

To have each woman shine in the limelight by helping them dress for their body type and personal taste.

What I think is cool about this is the closets. Once you have identified which stylist fits you best you can search for looks based on that stylist and then save the looks to your Closet. Using your closet you can create outfits based on the things you find. You can also go one step further and have a stylist help you with a look. Here’s a little view into my closet:




2 responses to “FASHION | friday : little lime dress

  1. love the logo! super cute & fun!!!

  2. I love how the logo shows both ideas in one image — the lime and the dress. I agree it scales down well (so, you even got the “little” in there!)

    I’ll have to try the closets this weekend. Which stylist did you decide fits you best?

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