THE GIRL | on the pink bike

sisters-414blogThese photos are a continuation of GREEN GRASS | and white walls post. I took these of my sister Abigail while I was home in Minnesota. I love the colors in these and it makes me miss my sister and my hometown. Abby went back up to school at Hillcrest this past weekend, so I hope these pictures brighten her day. I love the close up one of her looking down… she looks so pretty!

I’m just getting into photography so please send me your critiques! I also want to hear what your favorite is and why!



7 responses to “THE GIRL | on the pink bike

  1. I’m so excited you posted these! Here are my thoughts:

    1) I am continuously amazed at how gorgeous your sisters are and how naturally they jump into the role of “model.” Make them move here so you can take pictures of them every day, please.

    2) These are incredible, Kelly. You need to do this more. And charge for it.

    3) My favorites? Pshh… I can’t narrow it down very much, but they are: 1, 4, 7, 8, 10. I especially love the dreamy/misty look of these ones.

  2. kelly! hahah you did such a good job! kinda embarrassing though haha love you and miss you!

  3. yup… you are for sure welcome to join me at my next wedding… want in? you are rocking the composition in these.. a complete natural. already you are better than 90% of the population when it comes to taking photos.

    – travis

  4. Hannah Thompson

    aww this make me miss blabby. Every time I see the last pic I laugh and imagine abby falling off the bike and you telling her she needs to learn how to ride a bike. hahaha

  5. I love #2… that could easily be her senior portrait.

  6. These pictures are amazing! I love love love them. My favorites are 4, 5, 9, and 10. I think my absolute favorite is 10 just because it there is so much movement implied in it, and the colored dots of light on the left make the world seem magical, somehow. Abby is beautiful!!!

  7. these are great! love her hair!!

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