BABY SHOWER | invitation designs

showerinvitepics-002I was happy to be able to make these baby shower invitations for my friend Amber. I took inspiration from her baby room theme and colors (see image below) and these wedding invites that Promise Tangeman did. I wanted the invites to have a sketchy, unfinished look, almost like they are still getting ready for the baby… hence, a baby is coming! haha Also Amber’s baby blog is, make sure to check it out.

So what do you think? Comments/thoughts? Do you like the clear envelopes?





16 responses to “BABY SHOWER | invitation designs

  1. kellyLou – these are beautiful!

  2. Wow! I love those! Note to self…call kelly hicks when i need invitations! =)

  3. They turned out so great, Kelly! Be proud of yourself. They’re perfect.

    And I’m so glad the clear envelopes worked out!

  4. abigail mcwaters

    so cute! thats an envolope!?! that’s awesome!

  5. Hey Kelly, it’s Lisa from over at Creature Comforts. All I have to say is CUTE! I love the flowers and how well it matches her nursery. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Love the room! I did my daughters room in the same color!

  7. I was wondering if you had made these. They’re lovely, great job!

  8. Hey Kelly!

    These look great. I’m reminded of my friend’s Promise Tangeman’s work when I look at these. Are you a fan?

  9. Hannah Thompson

    wow! I love them!!!!

  10. You did an amazing job! They’re perfect!

  11. wow, cute! those are really similar to the ones i did for my friend’s wedding. even the clear envelopes. glad you were inspired.

  12. yeah, i’ve used clear envolopes myself – they’re the best! when you do such a pretty invite, it’s just wrong to cover it up!

  13. I love the clear envelopes. I love the design of the invites and how they match up with the nursery. Very special and unique. I hope y’all have a GREAT time at the shower. And a happy, healthy baby for your friend!!

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