FASHION | fridays : bryonne

sisters-578Yay! I got to see one of my very good friends while I was in Minnesota – Bree! We had such a good time catching up and taking these pics.

I have always loved her style – funky, bold, and always fun. Her outfits are always pulled together and she has great attention to detail. Here’s a couple other pics and the break down of her outfit.

Shirt – Allen B by Allen Schwartz at JC Penny’s  $22
Jeans – Old Navy Diva Skinny $24.99
Sandals – Rampage at Macy’s $32.99
Earrings – Forever 21 $3.99





6 responses to “FASHION | fridays : bryonne

  1. Hannah Thompson

    I love how these turned out!!

  2. These are so good! You made me miss Bree terribly!!

  3. Thanks for blogging me Kelly!! It was fun taking these pics and as always… SEEING YOU!

  4. abigail mcwaters

    these came out SO good! very very cool

  5. kelly…. amazing.. these are just awesome. I think I’m going to have to invite you to my next wedding just to give you the opportunity to play and have fun with photography ! seriously…. you’ve got the most natural eye for this stuff that I’ve ever seen!

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