DENIM | cuffs

KellysCuffCraft time at my parent’s house didn’t just include headbands! Each of us also made a denim cuff out of old jeans, thread, and tags. This idea came from another blogger and my sisters and I were inspired to try something similar.

It was a fun project because you didn’t have to be precise or careful, just put it together and see how it evolves! Looking at all these, I think you can definitely see how each of our style comes out in the final cuff.

My cuff is the one above and the rest are below. We thought these be cute with a pair of jeans and a white tee. What do you think?

Hannah’s cuff:


My mom’s cuffs:



Abby’s cuff:



3 responses to “DENIM | cuffs

  1. LOVE them. You’ll have to post my ghetto one from about seven years ago just to compare how things have evolved.

    I’ll bring the puka shells and hemp back one day, baby. Just watch.

  2. my favorite is the one created by this blogger…

  3. Hi! A mutual friend (Monique Meza) referred me to your page, thinking I would like it. Your photography is beautiful! Love your stuff, you’re so creative :D

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