FASHION | friday : my sisters


Since having my new camera and being in Minnesota, I decided to do a fun photoshoot of my sisters. I think they look gorgeous but I’m still in the process of learning my new camera settings. We took the pictures at an old mansion in Rochester, MN known as the Plummer House (click on the picture to view it larger). Where are some cool spots you like to take pictures at??












10 responses to “FASHION | friday : my sisters

  1. Kelly!!! AMAZING!!! These are great & your sisters are GEOUROUS!!!!

  2. Kelly, these photos are incredible. Your sisters are absolutely beautiful. Congratulations on your new camera!

  3. KELLY. I can not emphasize enough how incredible these are and how breathtaking your sisters are! I feel like everything from the wardrobe (LOVE the green dress… ha) to the makeup to the setting to the lighting were all PERFECT. I’m loving your photography style and your new camera. You and your sisters just made my day, man.

  4. Also, I don’t know which sister is which, but I want a giant print of the one sitting in the grass with the yellow shades on her head. I want to hang it in my house. Yes, I’m creepy. I don’t even know why I love it so much.

    The last picture is also one of my favorites and would also be nice to hang in my house. I’m a creep and am loving these way too much.

    Alright, I’m done.

    Except now your sisters are making me want long hair again.


  5. I love LOVE LOOOOOVE these. And I want your camera. Good b-day present!!
    You make Minnesota look so much prettier than Tucson :(

  6. WHAT?! Kelly you never cease to amaze me. This are beautiful and your sisters are gorgeous. Wonderful job! :)

  7. your sisters are gorgeous! i love that house too! when i visited Rochester a couple of years ago i went on a tour of it. great site for photos!

  8. LOVE the photo shoot! Love style!
    THought I’d let you konw that I nominated you for an award! Come get it off my blog and just do exactly what I DID and post about it.

  9. these photos are stunning!

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