BIRTHDAY GIFT | to myself


Oops, I don’t think you are supposed to buy things for yourself right before your birthday but this time I couldn’t resist! My friend Jenna invited me to a showing of a vendor that sells all sorts of jewelry, gems, and stones for wholesale prices! That means cheap! If you want to find precious gems and stones – Tucson is your place to be.

Here are some of my finds. All of this is sterling silver and authentic stones and I got all of it for about $50. Favorites?



6 responses to “BIRTHDAY GIFT | to myself

  1. Yeyyy!! I love your finds, Kelly. I think my favorites are a three-way tie between the cameo, the brown/white pendant on the bottom right, and the ring on the top-left. So unique.

    Happy birthday, by the way! Hope your day is relaxing and your night is fantastic.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I like the silhouette pendant and the turquoise/black speckled number!! :)


    i love the ring on the top left… is there one for me? :-)

  4. Those earings are beautiful! And, hey! Some years you HAVE to buy yourself a gift. I did this year for my b-day too!

  5. i really like this ‘buy yourself a birthday present’ concept! that way you are sure to get a gift you really like!

  6. Oooooh!! I like the same one Jamie likes…the big brown speckled one!!! JEALOUS KEL!! :)

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