MY PAINTING reproductions

myimages 074

I’m still pretty new to painting. My first REAL experience was my senior year of college: Painting I. I didn’t know what I was I doing and guess what? I still don’t. haha But for some reason I still have the drive to do it. So far I have been much more successful replicating others work. My goal is to eventually have a style all my own.

Here’s a few painting reproductions I’ve done that I like. 5 bucks to who can name the original artists. Also what artists inspire you?


myimages 079


3 responses to “MY PAINTING reproductions

  1. severnyproductions

    you already ave your own style

  2. great!
    i like your painting

  3. I love your style…like the first commenter said, you already have your own wonderful style. Oh my gosh it has been such a long time since I have delved into any fine art. The third one seems familiar..but I woudn’t be able to guess the other two. All I know is that you did a wonderful job!

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