SUMMER | favorites

Nostalgia comes with the summer breeze
I miss those bright green maple trees
Dewy grass between my toes
and the smell of lilacs on my nose.
~Kelly Hicks

If you didn’t already catch on, I miss summer in Minnesota! But summer is still my favorite season and here are just a few of my favorites. Now I want to hear what YOUR summer faves are!NeonSunglassesPolariods





10 responses to “SUMMER | favorites

  1. 1. the smell of campfire early on a camping morning
    2. grilling juicy hamburgers out on the deck
    3. turning my face to the suna and feeling my Minnesota skin thaw a little
    4. breathing in the wonderful smell of green green green in the woods!

  2. abigail mcwaters

    obsessed with this new blog post!
    lets see here…
    1. sun dresses that work for every occasion.
    2. the local fair thats a little grody but always fun to experience once a year.
    3. hammocks. enough said.
    4. trips to the pool when we’re lucky enough for the temperature to hit 75.

  3. Hi Kelly!

    Love your summer favorites. :) Mine are:

    1) Summer food: California rolls, watermelon, and gelato. Not together, hehehe.
    2) Havaiana flip flops – have you tried them? They are amazing. I got two pairs.
    3) Attempting to read really difficult classic novels … and occasionally succeeding.
    4) Thunder and Lightning: I love monsoon season here in Tucson. The noise, the light, the damp air, and the smell of the desert after the storm …

    And one not-so-favorite … driving to work with my left arm draped over my head so I don’t have one arm tanner than the other … ;)

    • Teresa, I do something like that, too! When I’m driving, I’ll role my short-sleeve shirt up so that I don’t get a farmer’s tan. Oh, the things we have to go through…

      My friend in high school always rode around with her windows down (because she smoked), so in the summer her left arm was like ten shades tanner than her right. Ha… it was fantastic.

      My summer faves:
      1) Summer beverages. Iced coffee, margaritas, iced tea, smoothies, pina coladas, etc.
      2) Monsoons, of course. You can’t beat a good storm.
      3) I’m with your sister–summer dresses are the absolute best.
      4) Sunscreen. Or just lotion/hair products in general that smell like coconut. I wish everything smelled like coconut…

  4. Just came across your blog and wanted to say hi! Summer in MN? Ugh, I bet you don’t miss the state bird – the mosquito :) I love POOL TIME in the summer :) – JG

  5. These are great guys! I need to try these Havaiana flip flops. I loove the smell of coconut too. And JG – I do NOT miss those mosquitos! I think when you are away from a place long enough you forget the bad things and only remember the good! haha

  6. 1. Mowing my grass to the perfect length.
    2. Admiring my grass after mowing it to the perfect length.
    3. Enjoying a cold micro-brew while admiring my grass after mowing it to the perfect length.
    4. Having a 2nd beer while admiring my grass after mowing it to the perfect length.

  7. You are adorable! I love your style and blog.

  8. ooh i have soo many….

    1. Also my birthday month :)
    2. Flip flops
    3. Corn on the cob
    4. Longer days/more sunlight
    5. Driving with the window down
    6. Watermelon
    7. Grilling out
    8. Sand between my toes…mmmm

  9. ooh it’s also a joy not to have to get in a car that has been sitting in a freezer or trying to carry a two year old through ice and snow.

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