WEDDING | outfit

myimages-170I found this dress at Twice As Nice for $7.99 and I loved everything about it except for the flower on the strap. So I decided to remove and make it into a headband! (shocker… haha) So here’s the After pictures below. I wore it to a wedding last night so some have already seen it. P.S. Congratulations Brian and Stacy!



5 responses to “WEDDING | outfit

  1. Jenna Bourland

    This reminds me of a certain wedding dress with a certain sash that became certain wristbands.

    Promise would be proud.

  2. that is such a cute dress!

  3. abigail mcwaters

    cute! such a trendsetter :)

  4. Hi Kelly! Found your blog thru Jenna and Travis- LOVE it!

    When I saw that headband I thought “I wonder if she’s seen that one Promise Tangeman has…” and then noticed you had her linked! Great style.

    You’re totally in my RSS feed now. Thanks for the inspiration!

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