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myimages 198I started this pillow way back last year in October so I’m excited I finally got around to sewing it together. For the bird design I just used a little fabric medium and acrylic paint. For the back I used a red and tan woven fabric (see below). I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and I think it goes best on our brown leather chair. Has anyone ever done anything similar?

myimages 203


6 responses to “PAINTED | pillow

  1. I am so excited to see this pillow – the bird looks so adorable!

  2. So cute!

  3. Kelly – I love the bird pillow! I would love to make something similar, since all of the fabric over here is nasty euro-funk material so I’ve had a hard time finding anything cute to decorate with. What exactly did you use – was it a combination of two paints, or one special paint? And did you paint it freehand, or did you have a print/stencil that you used?

  4. kristin: thanks! i used mainly a red acrylic paint and mixed in a hint of blue paint to make maroon. Then I added a little fabric medium so it wasn’t so thick.

    I drew the design first on a piece of paper and then traced it on to the fabric by just putting it up to the window. You could use transfer paper too. I want to see yours when it’s finished!

  5. I love your pillow! Absolutely beautiful! I just hope that mine comes nearly as lovely.
    I have been researching what kind of paint that I can use. I am a painter and wanted to use my tube acrylics. I found a site that recommends using GoldenGAC 900 as a medium to mix in. This is what they have to say about it. “The thickness of the paint can look strange once dried on the fabric and doesn’t always feel good when worn. Using a medium specifically designed to not only thin out the paint, but also allow the paint to be heat seat thus preserving your design, is a fantastic way to use your favorite paints on the fabric of your choice.” Hope this helps.

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