HANDMADE | necklace #2

myimages-189I found a pair of really cool earrings at Savers for $2.99 but thought it would be cooler as a necklace charm (the little oval rose above). The same day at Savers I found a BCBG dress for $5.99!! (pictured below) I like how the necklace goes with the dress. Still trying to decide what to do with the other earring… any ideas??




7 responses to “HANDMADE | necklace #2

  1. gz, i need to go to savers.

  2. Where did you find that antique key?? I need to find a bunch for a bridal shower- any suggestions? And I love the necklace and the dress…can’t wait to get back to America and shop those awesome bargains! :) Maybe you could find a few more pairs of vintage earrings and make some more necklaces with one piece and use the others as glass rings (those drink claimer things that go around the stems of wine glasses…?)

  3. I love the dress! The necklace looks perfect with it! (by the way, love your hair!) Would the other earring work as an adornment for a bobby pin or as a bracelet? Otherwise, go back to Savers, check out what they have for little glass salt and pepper shakers. Remove the shaker top, glue your little rose earring to the middle of the glass and use it as a little vase for a tiny bouquet. :-)

  4. The necklace is tremendous, Kelly! I like your mom’s idea (that is your mom, right?) about using the other earring as some kind of hair adornment. That’s what I did with that one earring of my great-grandmother’s that was missing its twin; I just stuck a bobby pin through it.

    Or you could always use it to make another necklace… maybe a different length or one to give away as a gift.

    Also, I calculated that I spent a total of 9 dollars on the outfit I’m wearing today. The dress is from Twice & Nice (FREE since I exchanged old clothes to buy it), the tights were 98 cents at Target (looove Target clearance), the boots are a hand-me-down from my aunt, and the belt was $8.00. I love second-hand living… and you’re definitely inspiring it more and more with your fantastic blog!

  5. rachel: i got the key and wing charms at Michael’s, they have some good stuff there. great idea about the glass rings! definitely will have to try that out.

    karen: i really like the idea about using the salt and pepper shakers as vases! the bobby pin idea is cute too.

    jenna: i need to see this 9 dollar outfit!

    great ideas – keep them coming everyone!

  6. abigail mcwaters

    that is so fricken cute. everything. i love it so much

  7. Oh, that neclace is beautiful. I love birds and that wing makes me love that neclace of yours. Cool ideas.


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