PRETTY | images

3512684415_259ecf7059_oWho doesn’t like pretty pictures? I started saving images I love to my desktop for inspiration. These are from all over; flickr, other blogs, etc.. the one below is even from my friend’s camera (you can see her in the mirror) haha Which is your favorite?



4 responses to “PRETTY | images

  1. The one with the white desk in the white room is my favorite. The roses are a charming compliment to the painted pieces of fabric.

  2. I loooove the first image.

    I also really want to paint a wall in my house that black & white stripe pattern that Brittany found. Then I can hang my empty frames from Savers on it. Mmm…

    I love inspiration.

  3. I like your collection of beautiful pictures. I also love beutiful pictures, like you said who wouldn’t. All my walls are filled with pictures and I have tons of more in small boxes all over my room.


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