FASHION | fridays : jenna


I love my friend, Jenna’s style – funky, unique, and vintage-y!

Dress: $5.99 Twice As Nice

Shoes $7.99 Savers


I had a lot of fun snapping these pictures too. She was a terrific model!



6 responses to “FASHION | fridays : jenna

  1. abigail mcwaters

    wow! these are great, where did you take the pictures? expecially the first one – it’s beautiful! LOVE the shoes. did you get a new camera?!

    i love fashion fridays!!!! :)

  2. jennabourland

    I’d like to thank Kelly for making me look cooler than I am.

    I’d like to thank Photoshop for making my backyard look better than it does.

    And I’d like to thank Ace Pear Cider for making an appearance in these photos and in my tummy.


    P.S. This was fun, Kellyyyy. The yellow belt will have to make an appearance some other time.

    P.P.S. My friend, Tosha, from Texas mentioned your blog in a note along with Promise and Jasmine Star. How good does that make you feel?? Check it out:

  3. Kelly!! I’m the aforementioned Tosha from Texas, and I love you. In the creepy “we might have only met once a football game in Arizona, but you’re the coolest” kind of way.

    Jenna!!! You look amazing!

  4. Jenna, you look so CUTE! You brought a big smile to my still half asleep face!

  5. Melissa de la Fuente

    Absolutely adorable! And I love her comments above..(hee hee) Thank you for your sweet comment over on ML, it was lovely to have you there!

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