HANDMADE | necklace

myimages-122I saw all the cool jersey and chain necklaces at urban over the weekend and thought… hmm I could maybe make that. So here’s my attempt, it’s a little weird. haha I started by cutting up one of my husband’s old T-shirts and then added the chains. I think my next attempt will be a little better :) Has anyone else made anything lately? Post a link to it in the comments section!



7 responses to “HANDMADE | necklace

  1. jennabourland

    Kelly. I feel like you’re becoming another Promise in my life where I get so excited to see the new things you’ve made. I saw these necklaces at Urban when I got my glasses on Monday, and I wanted one so bad. But they were like a thousand dollars. Meh.

    This is so great–especially for your first necklace ever! Make more and keep being fantastic. Also, you should bring the headband and necklace tonight so I can see them in person.

  2. jennabourland

    Oh yeah, and in response to your question, I haven’t made anything lately because I’m lame. However, yesterday my Grammy gave me an old jewelry box with jewelry belonging to her and my great-grandma. Some of it is so old and hilarious and great. That’s all I have to offer today…

  3. I’ve seen these… but the thing I’ve noticed is that the fabric doesn’t have the same “weight” as the chain so they don’t hang nicely together. But yours looks really nice; is it because of the knots in the jersey? I’ve thought about adding a few beads to give the fabric the weight I thought it needed, but yours works great!

    Where did you get the chain? I know someone with a REALLY COOL necklace idea out there (you KNOW who you are!) that needs some chain.

  4. abigail mcwaters

    wait..that is so cool! i havent seen anything like that. i love how it looks worn out and rustic. it could be cool to do the same thing with like braids of fabric mixed in it or something. i love it! i might go have to go experiment now..

  5. karen: yeah the chain does hang a little lower than the fabric. i want to do some more to experiment. i got the chain at michael’s. i feel like i go there at least once a week. haha who is the person with the cool necklace idea??

  6. I like the pic with the black & white wall. That’s the kind of thing I like and want to put in my house but my husband’s eyes glaze over and he says, “That’s a LOT of stuff…” Hey, what do you think about having an accessory creation party? We could all get together with our random pieces and bits of stuff and make new pieces.

  7. Ari: the accessory creation party is a really great idea! i can even blog about it when we’re done! i’ll have to set up a facebook event for it. yay!

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