TWO NIGHTS | in tempe

TwoNightsTempeSpontaneously on Friday afternoon, Dustin and I, along with another couple decided to head up to Phoenix for the 4th of July weekend! We had a great weekend and above is a little recap… it was inspired by a Urban T-shirt. haha Did anyone else do anything fun?


4 responses to “TWO NIGHTS | in tempe

  1. jennabourland

    This is great! I feel like there should be flames or smoke coming from it, though… just to symbolize how crazy hot it was!

  2. abigail mcwaters

    this is cool, did you take all these pictures in phoenix? you should try putting it on a shirt now

  3. Yesterday I saw the t-shirt at Urban that inspired this! Very cool idea.

    Got my ugly glasses, Kelly!! Peter doesn’t understand them. He kept trying to figure out if they were a joke or if I really liked them and thought they looked good. So I was trying to explain how I like them BECAUSE they’re ugly. I don’t think he gets it. But I’m glad you do.

  4. abigail: i took all the pictures except for the very top one. dustin said he would wear it if i put it on a shirt!

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