FAMOUS AMOS | and my line drawings

myimages-097When Dustin and I were in San Francisco, we came across this local artist Amos Goldbaum at a farmer’s market on union street. We both loved his unique line drawings and Dustin bought this T-shirt from him. You should check out more of his stuff here. I did some of my own quick line drawings. (click to see larger image) What do you think? Favorites?



6 responses to “FAMOUS AMOS | and my line drawings

  1. haha these are funny…I like the top two. The guy (who I’m assuming is dusty) looks really creepy.

  2. jennabourland

    My favorites are the top left, the second from the bottom of Dusty (I feel like I’ve seen him make that face before..) and the last one. These are funnn.

    I swear I’ll start blogging soon. I started an entry the other night but Peter needed the computer so I couldn’t finish. I will during this glorious three-day weekend, though!

  3. Hi Kelly – love that T-shirt! My favorite line drawing is the skeptical Dustin one. They are all cute and funny, though! :) Have a great 3 day weekend!

  4. who is the singer guy? that’s my favorite!

  5. he was this guy we saw at this dueling piano bar in san fran… we looved him, so funny and he really did have blue hair. haha

  6. abigail mcwaters

    these are awesome! how did you do it? i recognize that last one… :)

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