INSPIRED | streets of san fran

SanFranArt1Dustin and I recently went on a vacation to San Francisco. We had never been there so it was really exciting to go to all the must-sees, Golden Gate bridge, Alcatraz, etc. We had so much fun taking pictures and when I got back I was inspired to do something with some of the pictures. Here are the results. What do you guys think? Do I need to do another one?SanFranArt3SanFranArt2


5 responses to “INSPIRED | streets of san fran

  1. kelly!! what medium is this in? photoshop? or handmade collage?

  2. just photoshop. I loove your handmade collages!

  3. jennabourland

    I love these, Kelly. Please do more.

    Perhaps a trip to Savers is in order this week… when are you freeeee?

  4. thanks jenna! yesss I would love to go thrift-ing. we could go thursday afternoon?

  5. Kelly, these are amazing. I looove the one of you in Chinatown, and you know how much I like the other two. Now that I see them, I don’t think you need a 4th one.

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