INSIDE | our new bathroom

Bathroom 009

Bathroom 008

This is our finished guest bathroom. I was dying to redo this bathroom ever since we moved in. I had soo much fun with this project. Try to guess where I got the idea for the wall color.

House2 007This is the before shot.  What do ya’ll think?


These are the art details in the bathroom. I actually drew the parrots in black pen, scanned them in and then altered them a little. The art on the left is from Anyone else familiar with Papaya Art? My sister told me about it and I fell in love. I later ended up finding it in this cool little shop on 4th Ave called Pop Cycle. yay!


10 responses to “INSIDE | our new bathroom

  1. Spectacular! I’m so proud. I’ll start mine ASAP.

  2. I love how you decorated your bathroom. What a huge difference between the “before” and “after”.

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  4. Just discovered your blog from SPTL. Love the shower curtain. Where did you get it from?

  5. You DREW the parrots? WOW! Looks great, I love the artwork!

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  8. Love this preview and LOVE Papaya. I don’t have the print that you have in your pic but I have several others. Just love they’re combination of messaging and visual “drama”! I purchased mine from a shop in Minneapolis called Patina.

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